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Internet Use

Internet Usage

The library provides public access computers and access to the Internet for its patrons who are in good standing with the Library.

The computers are intended to provide patrons the opportunity to use word processing, spreadsheet, online card catalog, and the ability to search for information not available in print in the library.

Computers in the main section of the library are open for use to patrons ages 9 and up.

Computers located in the Children’s Section are strictly for children and do not have access to the Internet. Adult supervision is required.

Each patron wishing to use the computers must agree to and abide by the policies and procedures set out by our Computer Policy (attached).

The Library does not guarantee availability of the computer and is not liable for any damages direct or indirect as a result of the computers not being available. Patrons are requested to sign in and out each time they use a computer. A patron may use a computer for a total of one hour per day.

This Library is in compliance with PL 106-554: Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act (N-CIPA). Each public access computer has an approved filter installed to reduce the potential viewing of inappropriate internet material by children and other patrons.

a) Internet use is to obtain information available online. Chat rooms, Instant Messaging (IM) and Internet games are not permissible.

b) The Library does not control access to Internet material outside the parameters of the internet filter. Users themselves must determine the validity and appropriate use of information retrieved from the internet.

c) Persons under the age of 18 must have parental consent to access the Internet. The Library is not responsible for monitoring their use.

The Library is not responsible for any patron’s use of, or inability to use the public access computers in the Library, nor is the Library liable for any damage which may result to any patron or work product resulting from malfunctions of equipment or errors in usage.

Patrons using the computers and parents of users under the age of 18 will be responsible to the Library for any damage caused to the computers or computer systems through deliberate destructions, defacement, or misuse of the computers.